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Closest lesbian bar

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Closest lesbian bar

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The gay heart of Itaewon, nicknamed "Homo Hill", has seen an explosion of foreigner-friendly, upscale gay bars, in a convenient location.

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Now it's quite likely the best place in Itaewon to enjoy the night air. It was an ordinary bar, but thanks to rumors of the owner being a lesbian, Dlosest became a popular hangout spot among lesbians and welcomes gays. Pink Hole was the first lesbian club to organize party events. I recommend using Naver Maps to locate the general area.

When searching for information on queer clubs in Korea you may have come across Pink Hole and Labris. One of the best ways to meet lesbiann queer women face to face in Korea is by having a night out at the club.

Take the elevator up to get to the club. It is near Club Ace.

Lesbian & gay bars

While the majority of gay male clubs are located on Homo Hill in Itaewon, Seoul, most of the all-girls clubs in Korea are located in Hongdae, Seoul. Walk along the stone path to the entrance.

The name means "the treasure" in Arabic. Remember, if you do go to these clubs, make sure to not take pictures inside as many women who go to these clubs are not publicly out.

Seoul gay bars, cabaret, clubs, discos, karaoke and nightlife information in south korea by utopia

If you still need help, please feel free to contact me! This comfortable and welcoming bar is a casual, cool space to chill. From the Itaewon Subway Station exit 3, walk straight ahead one block and make a right, then turn left at the next intersection.

Take the elevator up. English and other foreign languages are spoken by most of the bar staff and customers in Itaewon.

Inside the squaremeter space, is a wide stage, a powder room, a VIP room and laser lights that all add to the glamorous interior. Although its name has changed, the love it receives from the young crowd remains the same. The gay heart of Itaewon, nicknamed kesbian Hill", has seen an explosion of foreigner-friendly, upscale gay bars, in a convenient location.

You'll see a for Almaz on the right side of this uphill lane about half a block up. The current owner, Micky, has built a wooden deck and furnished it with tables and chairs.

Unfortunately, both of these clubs have recently closed their doors. Large picture windows open onto a pleasure garden of granite formations with charming rock pagodas below willowy trees. Gays are allowed in, but everyone needs to bring a valid Lesbiqn. You can also Facebook and Meet Up groups which host monthly get togethers.

The music is fresh lezbian funky, with the volume kept at conversation-friendly levels. Finally, you can download one of the many dating apps the most popular being Zoe, Tinder, and Her to meet other queer women.

The DJ group composed of four women plays music that closset set your heart beating and body swaying. Therefore, in order to protect the identity of other club go-ers, I will give vague, but easily discernible directions to these clubs.