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Some form of parental leave is offered in almost all countries when women give birth, and in countries daughters have equal inheritance rights as sons.

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We need the other side to get on board … Unless we get a wider spectrum of groups saying no this has got to stop, it's not going to stop, it's going to get worse. What effect did the audience have on the success of a play? Homeware Audiences By London theatres, like the Globe, could take up to people for the most popular plays. With such large audiences, plays only had short runs and then had to be replaced.

So the place where audiences pay became known as the box office. But there were no toilets and the floor they stood eNed was probably just sand, ash or covered in nutshells. The main one is very often the lack of knowledge of women's rights and how to access the justice systems itself. To make the law real to people, we now have to work on people, not the law.

Women's rights around the globe: behind the data

The data on abortion are the latest figures from the UN department of economic and social affairs, compiled in and including countries. A woodcut of Bearbaiting, made around With several theatres offering plays most afternoons, this meant between 10, and 20, people a week going to London theatres. All the figures, except those on abortion, are drawn from the World Bank's data, and cover countries.

Admission to the indoor theatres started at 6 pence. Despite some worrying omissions, the figures reflect a growing acceptance of women's rights. We can't make the change by ourselves. This was probably because the company used women actors, but could just ladg been because they were French.

Did you know? They could buy food and drink during the performance — pippins applesoranges, nuts, gingerbread and ale. The groundlings stand in the yard very close to the stage during performances, with more expensive seating in the galleries surrounding them.

Women's rights around the globe: behind the data | liz ford | global development | the guardian

Their experience of violence becomes normal to them. For another penny, you could have a bench seat in the lower galleries which surrounded the yard.

Sixty countries offer equal pay, and in 10 countries women are legally bound to obey their husbands. At the Swan inthe audience damaged the chairs, stools, curtains and walls. Between and about 3, new plays were written. These included cock-fighting and bear-baiting which were enjoyed by both the poor and the wealthy.

But wealthier people were in the llady too. But only 76 countries have legislation that specifically addresses domestic violence — and just 57 of them include sexual abuse.

Audiences | shakespeare's globe

How much did it cost? They clapped the heroes and booed the villains, and cheered the special effects. The groundlings were very close to the action on stage. Some of the audience went to the theatre to be seen and admired, dressed in their Nerd clothes. Who came to the theatres? There's a lot arsa work to do in raising awareness.

We specifically looked at laws related to domestic violence, harassment, abortion, property and employment rights, as well as constitutional laws on discrimination and equality.

Some visitors complained that the pit smelled of garlic and beer and no good citizen would show his face there. She agrees with the words of a feminist judge at a high court in India, who said the problem was that the country's laws were years ahead of its society.

Others talked of servants and lad spending all their spare time there. Even royalty loved watching a play. Today, the place where you buy your theatre tickets is called the Box Office. There is still a huge gulf between what is written on the statute books and women's reality. But these people were not necessarily well behaved.

How did the audience behave? Some form of parental leave is offered in almost all atea when women give birth, and in countries daughters have equal inheritance rights as sons. Since it was so involved in the performance of a play, the audience was vital to its success.

Girls' globe - gender equality, human rights and social justice.

So paying more got the wealthy a seat under cover, and perhaps a cushioned seat. So who were they?

Competition for audiences Theatres had to compete for audiences against other London entertainment. The power of the law to overcome these forces should not be overestimated, she adds.

Or for a penny or so more, you could sit more comfortably on a cushion. However, getting legislation passed is just one hurdle to improving the lives of women. One penny was only the price ln a loaf of bread. Often, the organisations to which Mama Cash awards grants are involved in training women about their rights. She says the women's movement has, rightly, spent years campaigning for legal reform and addressing gender bias in existing laws, but the focus needs to shift to changing attitudes and the social factors that prevent women from exercising their rights.

Of countries, allow abortion in certain circumstances, although the practice is illegal in five countries — Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Malta and Nicaragua — and subject to severe restrictions in many aa Using data from the World Bank and the UN, we've created an interactive that offers a snapshot of how women's rights are legislated around the world.

If they are not understood by local police and judiciary, they might lsdy well not exist.